Meanwhile, in Bondi: the driver of a “fancy” Tesla car has been slapped with an angry note on their windshield after they parked across two spots at a local Woolies. Ah, a tale as old as time.

As reported by, the Tesla Model 3 – costing upwards of $62,900 in Australia – sat just a tad over the marked line in the underground Bondi Beach Woolies parking, enraging one fellow shopper.

So infuriated was the shopper that they left an anonymous note, which just ruthlessly tore into the Tesla driver.

“Did your fancy car park itself like this or are you just an inconsiderate cunt?” the letter read.


The sweet note was photographed and posted in the Bondi Local Loop Facebook group on Sunday night, where people proceeded to take the absolute piss out of it.

Credit / Facebook

As one Facebook user pointed out in the comments, it wasn’t like the carpark was full. There were clearly some empty spots behind the Tesla, so if you ask me, I reckon someone was just having a really, really bad day.

Or, maybe the carpark was full at the time the note was left on the car. I think that’s probably it.

Credit / Facebook

While I like to think this parking job was maybe (?) an accident, another Facebook user in the group commented: “That’s how assholes park, so that no one else can park next to their precious car.”

Not wrong, hey?

Honestly, I need to see the CCTV footage now.

As someone from Melbourne, I can’t really pass judgement on Bondi having only been there a couple of times. But Christ alive the yarns that come out of there sure are on another level.

Last week, a woman in Bondi got an alleged coke dealer arrested after she asked an undercover police officer to move out of her way so she could buy a bag from the alleged dealer. No, really, the cop was sussing out the alleged dealer and the woman asked the police officer to move because she was “buying cocaine”.

The apparent amount of fucks given in Bondi? None. Nada. Zilch.

Image: Unhinged, Facebook