A Mysterious ‘Black Mirror’ Movie Is Apparently Set To Hit Netflix Next Week

It absolutely would not be Black Mirror without a decent amount of intrigue and subterfuge, so it’s not the biggest shock in the world that they’d drop something on everyone out of the blue. But even still, this is a real head scratcher, even by their standards.

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Curious sleuths sniffing around online have noticed that Netflix currently has a curious listing for something called Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. The subsequent listing features nothing more than a blank image with a buffering wheel, and the description “be right back.”

After that appeared, the iMDB page for Black Mirror season 5 was subsequently updated with the release date of December 28th. As in, next Friday.

So what the hell is it? The full season? A standalone movie? No one, for now, knows.

However there is mounting speculation that it could be the much talked-about Choose Your Own Adventure-style episode that producers of the critically acclaimed series have been teasing for some time.

Photos from the set, which shot footage across London back in April, confirmed that the Bandersnatch project would be set in the 1980s, with set designers transforming London shopfronts into long-forgotten brands of yore like Blockbuster Video.

In an interesting little titbit, the name Bandersnatch actually featured in third season episode of the show; a tiny easter egg mentioned on the cover of a gaming magazine in the episode Playtest.

That, in itself, was a direct reference to a little-known Commodore 64 game from 1984 called Psyclapse & Bandersnatch.

What does it all mean? What does it all MEAN???

December 28th, all will be revealed. Apparently.