Miley Cyrus To Star In ‘Black Mirror’ Ep Which Is Itself A ‘Black Mirror’ Ep

Welp, it looks like Miley Cyrus is tapping back into her classic Hannah Montana days considering she’s addressed those rumours that she’s going to be appearing in the next season of Black Mirror.

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The ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart‘ singer talked about her trip back to her acting roots on The Howard Stern Show this week, and said that her experience on set with the Black Mirror crew was a really positive one.

It’s the first time that I’ve left somewhere feeling really proud of my work,” she said, which I reckon is a pretty strong indication that the upcoming mind-bending season is gonna be good as hell.

Miley’s Black Mirror debut was filmed in South Africa and although she wasn’t allowed to reveal any major plot points, she did tell Howard Stern that she plays a single character, but also “a lot of different sides of that character” which could mean a lot of things, really. Multiple personalities a la United States Of Tara? Multiple personas of one person, depending on social media platform? Multiple…dimensions? Who knows.

She also talked about the fact that while she was over in South Africa filming, the Camp Fire wildfires were raging back home in Malibu, which completely wiped out her home with Liam Hemsworth. Miley said everything she learned about herself during a time when she probably felt really bloody helpless while knowing that chaos was ensuing at home, she channelled into her acting.

While Miley was working hard on the upcoming Black Mirror season, her “survival partner” (her words, not mine) Liam was saving their menagerie of animals, and whatever precious items he could from the blazing fires. Ugh, what a powerful, perfect couple.

So now I guess all we can do is theorise on Miley’s role in the dystopian not-too-future show, and whether it’ll be hitting us with the upcoming fifth season, or if Black Mirror‘s mastermind Charlie Brooker will be hanging onto this one for future installments in the anthology.