Billy Eichner’s ‘Miss Universe’ Tweet-Rant Is Your Thoughts, Just Louder

Billy Eichner is a modern Renaissance man, and you can be damn sure he’d have the capacity to yell out the actual winner of the Miss Universe beauty pageant – if only somebody gave him the chance.

Today, that role fell to Steve Harvey. And today, Harvey dun goofed. Hooo boy, did our man Billy have a thing or two to say about THAT.

Then, Billy’s questions got a lil’ more existential. 

While the image of a frantic Eichner quizzing a hapless crew member about the goings-on in a beauty pageant fills our hearts with mirth, it’s counteracted by Harvey himself chucking an apology of his own up on Twitter:

Rough night for all involved. Still, 2016’s looking like it’s all you, Billy. 

Photo: Twitter.