Bethesda Reveals Fallout 4 Gameplay Footage, Release Date

November 10, 2015.
Mark this date down in your calendars and circle it with the boldest red pen you can get your hands on.
Bethesda Games has officially lifted the lid on their long-awaited title, Fallout 4 – and if you’ve ever been even within half a foot of a gaming controller in your lifetime, you’re gonna want to pay attention to what they have in store.
The company used its debut appearance at the massive, sprawling E3 conference in Los Angeles to pull the cloth back on the title, and they had more than a few goods in tow.
Along with the “HOLY SHIT IT’S SO SOON” release date reveal, the company proved they were well and truly on the road to release, bringing along a stack of actual in-game footage to show the global audience. And the scale of what they’re putting out is absolutely staggering.
Based largely on a their new Creation engine, the game takes more than a few cues from Minecraft, in that everything you see in the world can be moved around or scrapped entirely, and new objects and buildings can be built in their place. The entire environment is malleable, and its make up completely up to the user. The indication made by Bethesda is that you’ll need a certain amount of creativity with your settlements, as defence and fortification of safe zones is also a big part of the game.
The customisation aspect of the game is immense. From a base load of around 50 weapons, you’ll be able to apply some 700-odd modifications – and this includes adding mods to your POWER ARMOUR.
Character creation is also ridiculous, and the game adds the ability to play as a female character – whoever you leave the menu screen with is who you will play as in the game. The game even goes so far as to generate a baby based on the couple you initially create.
But don’t just take the excited babbling of a way-too-enthusiastic git for it. The company put out a NINE MINUTE in-game demo video, featuring real gameplay and actual in-game footage.

This confirms long-held suspicions that the game will begin on the outskirts of Boston in the lead-up to the fallout, and will continue after nuclear detonation in a post-apocalyptic world.
Go right ahead and engrave my tombstone with 10/11/15 on it, for it is on that date that I DIE.
via Kotaku.