If at any point during the night you heard a strange, loud gasp coming from outside, it was more than likely the collective inward breath the internet took as the first trailer for Fallout 4 finally dropped.

Following an agonisingly protracted countdown clock posted by developing studio Bethesda Software, the glimpse into the new-gen open-world instalment into the Fallout franchise – the first since the highly acclaimed Fallout 3 dropped back in 2008, with Fallout: New Vegas following in 2010 – doesn’t show much in the way of gameplay footage; rather it’s a world-establishing trailer that shows us the post-nuclear wasteland the world has become.

But holy mother of all ever-loving shit, it looks GORGEOUS.

The fact that you can’t quite shake the feeling that at some point something heartbreakingly terrible is going to happen to Dogmeat aside, the trailer does include a couple of hints about what’s to come – including the long-standing rumour that the game is going to be set in Boston, which from the look of things appears to be at least a partial truth.

There’s precious little other information about the game’s release contained within – other than the fact that it’ll land on PS4, Xbox One, and PC at the very least – but expect much, much more to be revealed during Bethesda‘s debut presentation at the enormous annual E3 convention on June 14th.