Batshit Bride Wants To Uninvite Guests From Wedding For Giving The ‘Wrong’ Gift

Who doesn’t love a good Bridezilla story? Probably the people who end up being collateral, but still you know it’s a funny story they bring out at dinner parties. Yet another batshit bride has taken to Reddit apparently totally unaware that her frustrations at engagement gifts from her wedding guests actually reflect poorly on her, not them.

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The rant kicks off with “I am hurt, bewildered, angry and irritated” which you KNOW means the good shit about to be served.

The bride goes on to explain that despite the fact she “specified on the invitation that we were requesting cash only in lieu of gifts” for the happy couple’s engagement party, most guest ignored it and “brought small gifts that serve no purpose” instead. The NERVE. The absolute cheek of these guests!

Apparently the soon-to-be-weds are swimming in debt and were hoping money gifts would help them climb out of it. Just quietly, isn’t a wedding exactly the type of crazy overpriced thing you SHOULDN’T be planning if you owe a bunch of money to other people?

Another side note, but are engagement gifts actually expected? I thought it was just the actual wedding where you’re expected to spend a ridiculous amount of your hard-earned money setting up another couple who have probably been living together for years anyway?

Apparently the only-poor bride does not agree with me, finding it hard to mask her irritation towards stingy guests at her engagement party.

The next day, after spending most of the night furious, I sent out a mass text basically asking guests I was close with where the miscommunication happened in our gift requests. I didn’t get many responses, but the responses I did get were pretty rude-which was shocking to me. I have been dreaming of my wedding day my entire life and you would think friends and loved-ones would want to help in making it perfect.

Ahhh yes, the old ‘I’ve been dreaming of this forever so how dare the world not provide it for me’ gambit. I’ve been dreaming of being rich without having to do a whole lot, so can I expect friends and family to provide the bank for that too?


Anyway she tops it off with the perfect conclusion to dis-invite those guests who sent back (understandably) rude replies to her ‘are you stupid, because you didn’t give me cold hard cash’ texts and reiterating her cash requests for the wedding itself.

We will be requesting cash as well and I have already sent out an email reiterating that cash is expected and not gifts and any gifts will be returned for cash or sold on Ebay.

I mean, honey, we just had Christmas. I’ve got a bunch of gifts ready to be resold too, but keep it to yourself and quietly get your money like everyone else.

Personally, if someone pulled this stunt on me I’d ‘accidentally’ forget the wedding date, and Reddit users by and large seem to agree.

Be an adult and pay off your own debt. Nobody owes you anything. Grow up,” one user noted.

You sound insanely entitled and I would honestly say you should apologize,” agreed another.