Barnaby Joyce Made Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Film A Humiliating Apology

Now this is content.
Amber Heard may have gotten off her charge of violating Australian biosecurity laws without being imprisoned for life / given the death penalty, but her husband Johnny Depp didn’t get off totally scot-free.
Looks like part of the deal was Barnaby Joyce forcing them to film a grovelling apology and promo spot on the importance of Australian biosecurity.
This could be Depp’s most convincing role yet. In the grand tradition of Jack Sparrow and Gilbert Grape, here he plays ‘a man forced by the violent apparatus of the Australian state to film the world’s shittiest apology via Facebook video’. 
And he nails it. Every frame is pure contempt. Every microsecond of his existence in this video is oriented towards murder. And I respect it.
God bless you, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Heard saying “Australia is a wonderful island” will be embedded into our cultural consciousness forever.
Source and photo: Facebook.