The saga of Johnny Depp, Boo, Pistol and Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce embarrassing the nation with a total lack of tact on a genuinely fair request—calling for Depp and Amber Heard to remove their dogs from the country, after bypassing routine quarantine or safety checks—lives on today, as Depp has commented on the incident at a panel in Venice overnight.

Johnny Depp’s response—months after Pistol and Boo dodged euthanasia, by traveling on a private jet back to the States—by far outperforms the handful of fallouts that were eventually tied up in the story – Kyle Sandilands going rogue on air and calling Barnaby Joyce a “wanker”; John Oliver’s take on the issue, and legendary ABC editor Huw Parkinson‘s POTC x Barnaby Joyce mashup

“I killed my dogs. And ate them. Under direct orders from some kind of…sweaty, big-gutted man from Australia,” says Depp.


via ABC.
Lead image by Kevin Winter via Getty.