Barnaby Joyce Got Invited To A Jordan Peterson Conference And The Flags Are As Red As His Head

A number of conservative Australian political figures scored free tickets to attend Jordan Peterson’s conference of the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) this week in London.
Usually when you have to rent a crowd you want to make sure it’s a star-studded lineup to make your red carpet shine, however instead it looks like this event was filled with walking red flags as some of the guests included Barnaby Joyce, John Howard, and Jacinta Price.

Jordan Peterson is a controversial Canadian psychologist and Kermit The Frog soundalike, who this week led a conference that has been described by some as a right-wing quasi-think-tank event. In this journalist’s opinion, the word circle-jerk is probably more fitting, as the last thing I want Barnaby Joyce in is any sort of tank.

Joyce, Howard, and Price were not the only AusPol peeps in attendance however, as various other members of the Coalition also showed up, including Andrew Hastie, James Paterson, Alex Antic and Matt Canavan. Ex NSW premier Dominic Perrottet was also present.

To save you Googling it yourself, yes they are all late-middle-aged white men who voted ‘No’ in the recent referendum.

As an author I am not making any character judgements on these people myself, but I believe enough context has been given for you as the reader to infer the type of person who is attracted to a conference led by Jordan “Up Yours Woke Moralists, We’ll See Who Cancels Who” Peterson.

Of those attending, the shocker is that some of them did not have to pay a cent to be there, and were actually shouted the trip.

Politicians are required to declare when such gifts are given to them, and Joyce and Paterson have both already declared that they were complimentarily given:

  • tickets to the ARC conference.
  • accomodation and “hospitality” for four nights in London.
  • business class return flights from Sydney to London.

Moments from the ARC conference made headlines across the country when it was underway last week. In particular when ex-PM of Australia John Howard took his time on the podium to state that he “always had trouble with multiculturalism” — like that’s a surprise.

The ARC event has reportedly been funded by a billionaire who funded pro-Brexit campaigns in the UK, and a Dubai-based investment group called Legatum Ventures.

So ya know, exactly the kind of people who know exactly what it’s like to be a responsible citizen, and know how to fight the good fight against the social elites — I.E those pesky people who want to fight “climate change”.

Peterson opened the conference by stating that the goal for it was to “tilt the world towards heaven and away from hell.” And taking a look at the guest-list, I’m pretty sure I know where hell was that week.