Oh Good, The Barnababy Scandal Has Finally Landed On ‘Last Week Tonight’

The incredibly stupid realm of Australian politics doesn’t often breach our borders, and maybe we should be thankful for that: we don’t exactly need our nation to be continually roasted by John Oliver on Last Week Tonight.

Regardless, Oliver & Co. did catch wind of the scandal surrounding Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and his affair with former media advisor Vikki Campion, and the show used its season premiere to inform the United States of what we already knew: this whole situation is quite cooked indeed.

While the clip doesn’t exactly present anything new for an Australian audience, it is morbidly interesting to watch this one play out in America, itself no stranger to innuendo in the nation’s highest offices. Oh, and the revelation of Australia’s Santa Claus, that’s pretty alright too.

Catch the clip below: