John Oliver Gloriously Took Apart The Whole “Johnny Depp’s Dogs” Fiasco

Look, cards on the table here, we all lost our heads a bit last week when the saga surrounding Johnny Depp and his dogs Pistol and Boo erupted. Not because we’re actively ignoring what a lot of detractors and amateur media commentators saw as a non-issue. It’s just that it’s not even remotely every day that the sentence “Barnaby Joyce threatens to kill Hollywood star’s smuggled dogs” comes across your desk.

It’s like your diet. Most of the time you have to eat healthy. But sometimes someone lobs you a dirty, greasy, magnificent cheeseburger and it’s the best thing ever.
Enter, John Oliver – hilarious bloke, host of Last Week Tonight on HBO, and absolutely the kind of comedian who would not allow the complete absurdity that this was to go unnoticed.
Oliver didn’t just delve into the subject, Oliver went to fucking town on it during this week’s episode, even going so far as to jokingly threaten to shoot a koala if we don’t take back everything we’ve given to the US like Russell Crowe, Midnight Oil, and Rupert Murdoch. (Real talk, it’s not a decision that would rest easy with any of us, but I think we can all agree sacrificing one koala is worth it to keep Murdoch’s US passport in tact. The greater good.)

We don’t know much about anything these days, but this we can say with absolute certainty: That’s the first and last time Kyle Sandilands‘ voice will ever be heard on HBO.