Now, our girl Azealia Banks may be a controversial and super problematic chick, but you can’t ignore the fact that she produces undeniable bop after undeniable bop.

No? Well you’re a closeted Azealia music stan and we still support you.

If you needed any further evidence to support the fact she is truly out here feeling her oats and living the truest version of herself, footage has surfaced on Twitter of old mate throwing soap into the crowd of one her shows. Yes, this is the footage you were well and truly waiting for to guide you into the weekend.

As you can see, she’s literally giving the crowd soap from her big bag of goodies, saving the smelly people from themselves. A controversial queen providing for her peasants.

Others haven’t seen the gesture in the same light.

Anyway, we digress. There’s a legit reason why she’s giving away soap. As some of you may know, she’s cancelled the release of her upcoming EP Fantasea II after yet another drama, and in the meantime she’s decided to focus on more hygienic ventures.

With this in mind, she now has a new soap company. Yes, you read that right. CheapyXO provides you with different soaps, facial treatments and scrubs.  The below soaps are name PUSSYPOP and BUSSYBOY. I mean, name a more iconic duo. We’ll be waiting for a while.

While it’s greater to see Azealia expanding her business ventures and providing us smelly folk with nicer smells, it’s time to rid yourself from that negative energy and release that album, sis! The girls and (two or three of) the gays are needing it.

Now, in the meantime, prepare yourself for live scenes of the crowd after the show using Azealia’s soap. Bless.