Stop Making Azealia Banks Feel Unsafe, Australia

Attention the overzealous citizens of Convict Island: please stop making Azealia Banks feel unsafe when she plays here.

Banks, who has made a rather obnoxious habit of finding any little excuse to cut her performances short so she can spend more time doing the important things in life like finding decent sushi joints and subtweeting the entire population of Australia, performed a literal/figurative mic drop on the crowd at Listen Out in Melbourne last weekend when she left the stage less than 90 seconds after entering because a full can of beer landed in the general proximity of her invisible personal safety bubble.  

It was the same offence that caused the beef prone MC to cleave her time at Listen Out in Sydney and now Banks’ management has released a statement regarding the incident(s) that is a true masterclass in blame deflection.

Banks was forced to cut her set short last night at the Listen Out
Festival in Melbourne on 5th October 2013. This was as a result of a
member of the audience throwing a full can on beer at her on stage,”
the statement reads. “The
incident made Azealia and her stage crew feel unsafe. Banks would like
to apologise to those fans in the audience whose experience was affected
by the behaviour of one individual.”

Banks had this to add on Twitter.

Let’s just watch the Melbourne incident again…

And compare it to this…

FACT: Daphne and Celeste are ten times harder than Azealia Banks and about twenty times more likable.