Azealia Banks’ Latest Shady Twitter Beef Is With Erykah Badu

Things have been quiet on the Azealia Banks Twitter shade front of late, perhaps a little too quiet, but today, the rapper has well and truly stepped up, getting into some fresh drama with first lady of neo soul Erykah Badu

To be fair, Badu sorta kinda picked this particular fight, when responding to a fan’s question about whether or not she listened to Banks’ music:

Banks, who has no filter and no problem shamelessly scanning social media for mentions of her name, came across this one fairly quickly, and the shady Tweets began coming thick and fast:

Badu responded, but as a few fans pointed out, she turned on her location, to show that she was in Queens, New York, otherwise known as Banks’ home turf:

After a bit more back and forth, Banks told Badu to “just keep rocking ur head wraps and buying ur musky oils off the table on 125th”, and Badu told her where to go:

Which led to this:

Evidently, though she turned on her location, Badu was coy about revaling her exact whereabouts:

ICYMI, Banks will appear in a “frisky pictorial that’s sure to break the internet” in the April edition of Playboy, so do keep an eye out for that.