Azealia Banks Lasts Just 90 Seconds On Stage At Listen Out Melbourne

Hot headed c-bomb hurling Queen Of Celebrity Beefs Azealia Banks ceremoniously punished all of her fans at Listen Out Melbourne yesterday because one game douchebag ruined the party excruciatingly early by chucking a can in Banks’ take-literally-no-shit’s direction.

Lasting a fleeting, bittersweet 90 seconds on stage at Listen Out while performing ATM Jam, Azealia out Azealia’d herself and her stellar repertoire of quitting the stage early – she lasted about 15 minutes at the Sydney Listen Out leg last week and is notorious for barely ever finishing her set because don’t these people know who I am.

After briefly apologising on twitter to Melbourne festival goers who probably thought their ticket to Listen Out would grant them at least, oh, one song of Azealia Banks, she tweeted this. Salt in the wounds, Azealia. Salt in the wounds.


Watch Azealia Banks’ spectacular drop of the mic, Banks Out! phenomenon below.