Authentic Sriracha Spice Powder, Potato Chips And Popcorn Are On Their Way

Yeah, yeah, as far as condiments go, Sriracha is completely ubiquitous at this point, but we’re not even ashamed to admit that we love a good squirt (or two, or three) of the hot sauce our eggs in the morning, and we’re sure you probably do as well.
There’s only one word for the delicious combination of chili, sugar, vinegar, garlic and salt:
While Sriracha sauce has its roots in Thailand, the most commonly-known version, with the rooster-branded bottle, is produced by California-based Huy Fong Foods, and has spawned dozens of imitators around the world.
For lovers of the condiment, there’s now another reason to celebrate. Yahoo News report that Huy Fong Foods have teamed up with the American company Pop! Gourmet Foods to launch a line of snacks made on actual Sriracha sauce.
Sriracha popcorn, as seen above, is already available in the US, while Sriracha potato chips will arrive in early April, with lines of croutons, tortilla chips and more to follow in coming months.
In possibly the most exciting news, a bottled spice mixture, made from dehydrated Sriracha sauce, will launch on April 20th in the US, meaning that you can sprinkle it on anything you damn well please.
We must reiterate that for now, these things are only commercially available in the US, meaning that if you need a fix, you’ll need to hunt them down in imported food shops, where you currently get your fix of pretzel M&Ms and Peanut Butter Cups.
The letter writing campaign to get our own local version starts now.

Photo: Scott Olson via Getty Images / Pop! Gourmet Foods