Here’s The Luxe $250 A Night Hotel The Australian Fashion Week Celebs Are Apparently Staying In

Australian fashion week hotel

The boutique hotel influencers and celebs are staying at during Australian Fashion Week has been revealed, and it’s a cosy little spot that costs a pretty penny. Oh, how the other half live.

Thanks to the Daily Mail, whose journalistic work would probably be preferred at the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, we now know the hotel of choice for the most elite of us. I’m talking ex-reality TV stars who cause drama and people who shot to fame via TikTok. The cream of the crop.

The hotel’s name is Adge Hotel, and it sits on Riley Street in Sydney’s Surry Hills.

For those of you who don’t know, Surry Hills is like the hustle and bustle suburb. It’s very hilly, and hosts some gorgeous eateries that will have you panting for a breath by the time you reach them. All in all, an iconic choice for a bevy of influencer-types.

Adge Hotel’s two-bedroom loft residence, valued at $510 a night. Talk about GORGEOUS.

The cheapest room at Adge will set you back around $230 a night, while the most expensive will see you forking out $510 a night.

Honestly if I was a rich and famous celebrity I would be paying that top dollar for luxury. I want to feel my best before I hit the halls of Carriageworks in couture.

Rooms are spacious yet simple with a bathroom, a bed and everyone’s favourite hotel accessory: the inexplicable cuck chair. Everything you need to enjoy the expensive yet fashionable splendour of Australian Fashion Week.

Adge Hotel’s deluxe room valued at $400 a night. Not everything that’s expensive is pretty, I guess.

Don’t be fooled by the carpet however, this 254-room tower has one a slew of awards over the years, with 11 in total. This includes the 2024 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award and the 2023 Luxury Design Boutique Hotel Award. It do take style to take home the trophy.

On top of this, the boutique hotel is located Raita Noda Chef’s Kitchen and the beloved SOUL Deli, which only adds to the charm.

If you need me, I’ll be spending a bit of extra time around Surry Hills to see who I bump into. My future man could be in these streets!