Jaime Wirth Expands Pub Empire With The Forresters Hotel

Not satisfied with managing four bars, Jaime Wirth’s thirst for Surry Hills pub domination continues. The next venue in line for a makeover? The Forresters Hotel on Foveaux Street.

Pedestrian caught up with Jaime at the Start Up Creative Talk and found out what’s in store for his latest project.

“Food-wise it’s really simple, classic Italian food… décor-wise the theme is generally Nevada Lodge meets Italian pizzeria,” said Jaime.

The redesign is originally inspired by the 1960’s Cal Neva Lodge; an infamous casino once owned by Frank Sinatra and frequented by the Rat Pack. If you’re worried that the interior is going to be less ‘florid’ more ‘horrid’, fear not. Jaime has said that Cal Neva is a reference, not a theme.

“End of the day, we just want the space to be nice and we want people to enjoy it.”

So how long until we can raise our glasses to this latest offering on the Surry Hills bar scene? According to Jaime, they’ve almost finished building and are in the process of hiring staff. But, whilst we may have to wait for the Forresters, we don’t have to wait for a drink. The closest bar is only a couple of hundred meters down the street.