How To Stage A Pub Renaissance – Jaime Wirth Divulges His Start Up Secrets

Jaime Wirth has reinvigorated the inner city pub scene around Sydney, starting with The Flinders (an outright success) followed by a stream of successful additions to the portfolio of watering holes: The Norfolk, then The Carrington, The Abercrombie, and in a short matter of time he’ll be launching the revamped Forresters Hotel.

Two years ago he was DJing full time. Now he’s credited as the pivotal figure in starting a pub renaissance in Sydney. How ’bout that! Jaime spoke about his quick, unexpected progression from DJ to nightlife impresario at Start Up, the creative conference hosted by Pedestrian Jobs and Macleay College.

Jaime offers up some interesting insights as to how he built his mini-empire: “It’s really important to just do something. You never know where things are going to lead. Everyone’s path is different… What was the question again?” It turns out Fatalism is fine! Here’s the evidence:

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