Snapchat‘s cool because you get to see what your m8s are sharing, yeah? Well, Bomb’d is Snapchat 2.0, where you can request buddies send you a photo, so you can see what they’re doing right now, not just when they choose to. 

The premise of the app is that if you wanna know what your mates are doing, request they send you a bomb. They have only seven seconds until the camera goes off, and it sends that photo straight to you. No filter or nuffin’, just real time photos. 

The Aussie startup launched a prototype of their app at Schoolies on the Gold Coast, and is receiving a whopping 50k ‘bombs’ sent a day, and has raised money at a valuation of around $10 milli. The app is currently only available to iOS users and is chilling in the App Store

Aussie Snapchat Competitor Snags $10million Valuation Before Schoolies Launch

The makers of Bomb’d reckon that – despite the Kardashian/Jenner family being the most followed/liked family on all forms of social media – that young people are sick of ‘fake, photo-shopped and boring content’. Thus, the benefit of the new app is this:

“People use Bomb’d differently to the way they use Snapchat. It’s real – they bomb their friends when they want to know what’s going on, not when their friends want to broadcast what they are doing.”

The internet’s own Kurt Coleman have already gotten on board, so there’s bound to be some truly fab bombs flying about the place. (Everyone knows that Coleman is the fabbo be-all and end-all of #AusSocMed, but we do truly wonder how he’s coping without filters). According to a Bomb’d spokesperson, Coleman was “mobbed” on the way to their launch party after responding to bomb’s asking for his location. 

However, there are some qualms with the company’s name – the name ‘Bomb’d’ in this modern political climate isn’t exactly a smart fucking decision, so it’s no surprise that the owners of Bomb’d have received pressure to change it:

“Bomb’d are definitely getting some questions, stunned looks and pressure to change the name.”

An ill-worded promotional SMS at Schoolies even managed to send some punters and hotels into a panic who misconstrued the message as an actual bomb threat. SCHOOLIES WEEK 1 BOMB @ 3PM TMRW. Yup didn’t think that one through…

Aussie Snapchat Competitor Snags $10million Valuation Before Schoolies Launch

If you’re confused about the difference and whether this is truly the social media app to rule them all you can watch Bomb’d‘s attempt at the essential start-up promotional video trope below. HECTIC AF RN, BAE.

If you wanna get on board so you can bomb your mates and receive real, unfiltered selfies all day erryday, you can download it HERE

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