Young Australia demonstrates some proper ingenuity when it comes to hooking up. 

Like a bunch of smang-happy MacGuyvers, put a new piece of tech in our hands and we’ll quickly work out how exactly it can be leveraged to deliver nudes, at the very least. With that in mind, it’s not exactly a surprise that straight after it dropped at Schoolies, the new Aussie Snapchat competitor Bomb’d has been hijacked as a primo hookup delivery service. 

‘Strayans Hijack Aussie Snapchat Competitor For Hookups In Record Time

The app’s creators report a massive 120% spike in users between 12am and 3am, with more users asking for pics in those golden hours than any other time in the day. Those numbers make sense when you consider the the app’s mechanics work a lil’ differently from Instagram or Snapchat; users ask their mates to send a shot through, said mate only gets a few seconds ’til the camera goes off, and the image gets sent through immediately – sans editing, zero filter. Bang. Bomb’d, even.

‘Strayans Hijack Aussie Snapchat Competitor For Hookups In Record Time

They also reckon the average user will be shooting requests to five peeps at a time. Read: it’s pretty bloody quick and easy to get photo replies to the age old question, “are you up for it?”

“We imagine the hook up ratio is sitting quite high, with 70% of bombs being triggered and users receiving an image back in return,” a Bomb’d spokesperson told P.TV. Make of that what info what you will, ya big bunch of horndogs. 

‘Strayans Hijack Aussie Snapchat Competitor For Hookups In Record Time

Natch, the Aussie startup is pretty keen to let the world know you can also use the app for, you know, things outside of hooking up, saying “Bomb’d was never created to be a hook up app for people to sext or send steamy images,” but “ultimately, [it’s] a safe place for users to share what they are really doing right now.” And be honest – what else would you be “really doing” at 3am, anyway?

And now, behold: actual turnt Aussies in their natural habitat, discussing the virtues of ‘Booty Bombing.’ You do you, ‘Straya.

Bomb’d is now available to download in the App Store. 

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Photo: The Loop.