Teen On Schoolies In Bali Flown Home After Suspected Methanol Poisoning

A teen celebrating the 37th birthday of Ryan Kwanten – while all around her peers toasted to the endless freakin’ weekends that are their lives now they’ve finished their formal high school education and are partaking in the ritual Yo Lo bacchanal known colloquially as ‘Schoolies in Bali‘ – has been flown home to the Central Coast after suffering suspected methanol poisoning incurred after imbibing “jungle juice”. She’s okay though, doing very well now, which is a relief. 
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Jasmine Baker, 17, was flown to Royal Darwin Hospital on Friday and continued to throw up all weekend following a night of terrible fun on Thirsty Thursday at Bounty, a popular discotheque in Kuta where the juice is known to flow freely. Bounty, of course, is not be confused with the popular Schoolies hotel Bounty, where the daily breakfast is said to be “yum”, the amenities “good enough” and the DJs relentless enough to bring you to the brink of homicide. 
Jasmine was discharged from hospital yesterday morning after passing a routine examination and was then flown home with her parents, who described her as “one lucky girl” who is doing “very well”.
Her father Errol has since updated his status on Facebook with a stern paternal WARNING to ALL SCHOOLIES, writing: 
“PLEASE PASS ON TO ALL SCHOOLIES. If any one knows any one or has friends in BALI here is a WARNING. Drinks spiked with methanol served at the Bounty LAST NIGHT and two other smaller bars close by. If you feel sick and your eye sight becomes fuzzy or blurred seek medical attention. BETTER STILL IF ITS NOT IN A BOTTLE OR CAN DON’T DRINK IT. – >:| feeling peeved”
Schoolies, bros, please make sure you have travel insurance, register your trip with SmartTraveller, stick to Bintang [singlets] and mango smoothies or just stay home. 

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Photo: Agung Parameswara via Getty