This Aussie Bride, Your New Hero, Walked Down The Aisle Carrying Doughnuts

This is nuts.


A couple from New South Wales got married over the weekend. It was a garden wedding, held in Rydal. The bride wore a white dress, the groom a tailored suit.

Nothing unusual about this set up whatsoever, right?

Wrong because… the bridal party’s bouquets was made entirely from… doughnuts.

Dubbed the ‘Doughnut Bride’, bride Paige surprised her bridal party with the novelty bouquets of heavily-frosted doughnuts mere minutes before walking down the aisle.

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV, Paige said the bridal party were “so excited” and the treats were a welcome addition to her big day.

“My husband and I wanted to have fun at our wedding and we figured why not have donuts? Everyone loves donuts!”

She’s not wrong.

The sweet bouquets were created by Dessert Boxes, the same company that brought you the rude finger Nutella doughnut pack we wrote about a few weeks back.

That’s 2017 for you folks. A woman can walk down the aisle holding literal baked goods, and yet marriage equality is but a fart in the wind.

Food for thought.