Apple Looking At Developing The Super Cheap iPhone

Apple are contemplating the unprecedented move of producing a cheaper version of the iPhone 5 in reaction to their dwindling position in the global smartphone market. Peaking with 23% of the worldwide smartphone market share in late 2011, Apple’s position slipped to 14.6% at the end of 2012 which is a pretty big deal for a company who derive nearly half their profits from smartphone sales.

While still looking like an iPhone, the cheaper model would utilise a cheaper body by way of a polycarbonate plastic shell as opposed to the current aluminum casing and use recycled parts from older model phones. While many fear this could form an iPhone class system where customers purchasing the plastic version are chided for being cheapskates, others welcome the move of introducing a retro model. The possibilities are endless…

For the homely pre-loved feel, the retro model could come equipped with a pre-shattered face, chugging wireless, pre-installed classic apps like the beer chug and lightsaber, and illicit photos imported from the the previous owners operating system. If the radical plan is given the go-ahead, expect the iPhone Pov to launch by the end of the year.   

via The Wall Street Journal