Leaked iPhone 5S Video Shows iPhone Still Looks Like iPhone

It’s gold, gold, gold for Apple as the AppAdvice website posted a leaked video of what is supposedly the soon to be released iPhone 5S (seen here in a charming gold colour) and the rumoured iPhone 5C (the iPhone’s new cheaper, bluer, plastic-er little brother) being compared to current generation Apple smartphones.

The video shows not a lot in practical terms – mainly what the four phones look stacked on top of one another and slowly rotated by hand, which we guess will appeal to the type of people who think it’s cool to have four almost identical phones and slowly rotate them in their hands. AppAdvice reports that the only real visible addition to the new model iPhone is something called a dual-LED flash, which is all the convincing we need to drop $700 on a new thing to pass the time when on the toilet top-of-the-range smartphone.

Apple is expected to officially unveil the new iPhone models on September 10th.

Via appadvice.com