Good Morning! Today Andrew Bolt Is Complaining About *Spins Wheel* “Dick Or Pussy Of Colour”

Andrew Bolt Why Are You Like This

Andrew Bolt. King of shitty takes. Right-wing shit-stirrer. General menace. It feels like every week he manages to find some new ground to bless with the immaculate light of his warped opinions, and Wednesday morning was no exception. Introducing Bolt’s latest gripe with the world, *squints*… a Melbourne-based comedy series?

Yep, in his latest blog for the Herald Sun, titled “MORE ‘HIGH STANDARD’ PROGRAMMING FROM THE ABC,” Bolt complains about the new ABC comedy series making waves, Why Are You Like This. The series follows the lives of three young Gen Z kids in a world of identity politics and progressive nonsense, who are just trying to make the world as egalitarian as possible. And failing.

No, I will not be linking the blog post here. Yes, he uses all caps for his headlines. Something about self-importance and illusions of grandiosity. Over-compensation. You know the drill.

In particular, Bolt has a problem with episode 3 of the comedy, which is titled D*ck or P*ssy of Colour. It was published a week ago on ABC iView and even uses lovely little asterisks to cover all the bad words. Somehow, Bolt discovered this and decided to complain. Whatever gets you going, my guy.

Why Are You Like This

“This is the law under which the ABC operates: The functions of the Corporation are…. to provide…  services of a high standard…  to provide… broadcasting programs that contribute to a sense of national identity,” writes Bolt.

Yes, he included a link to a piece of legislation in a story about an episode of a comedy. No, I will not be making comment about the extensive use of ellipsis. It’s very Amanda Seyfried in Mamma Mia: “DOT DOT DOT!”

“This is ABC TV’s new contribution: “D*ck or P*ssy of Colour.” Your taxes,” Bolt concludes.

Ever the penchant for the dramatic, this one. And that concludes the article. A total of 50 words, counted them myself. In and out, no time to waste.

Naomi Higgins, who plays Penny in the series and is also the show’s co-creator, shared the career highlight of being written about by Bolt on her Insta, exclaiming that she loves the ABC.

We did an interview with the cast of Why Are You Like This, which you can check out right here, (it’s a blast.)

You can go watch Why Are You Like This on ABC iView right now, or very soon on Netflix. And make sure you check out Episode 3. If Andrew Bolt hates it, it must be fkn good.