WATCH: Andrew Bolt Visibly Surprised He Entered The ABC Den & Survived

Divisive columnist and habitual jerkface Andrew Bolt made a pretty ballsy appearance on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering on Wednesday night, a show not all that sympathetic to his particular brand of inflammatory right-wing yelling.
If you’re familiar with Bolt you would not be crazy to assume that, like most of his televised appearances, it would have devolved into screaming and racism, but the two made a surprisingly affable pair. 
Bolt spoke at length about why he believed conservatism is the only way to go before accidentally quoting Nixon, which we all probably do all the time.
He also spoke about why he’s not fond of what sees views as Turnbull‘s left-leaning tendencies and predicts that Turnbull will only keep dropping on the polls, and probably not hang around for long in the top job.
A real highlight is Bolt making an offhand joke about a possible comedy festival show next year for Charlie and Andrew, which Andrew tries really hard to get him to commit to:
“Wait, wait, we’re not even done yet, but I will hold you to that … Would you do a show with me at the Melbourne Comedy Festival? … We can sell half the tickets to the writing class and half the tickets to the silent majority.”
The segment is quite special in that usually you’d expect, with a host and guest so diametrically opposed, a lot of arguing or bullying but the dialogue is quite friendly despite the fact that they obviously disagree on a lot of issues. 
Pickering seems pretty delighted when Bolt makes a reference to his wife warning him that the program was going to be an ambush. Andrew Bolt is still definitely a dangerous dickhead but it makes for some damn good TV, check it out:
Photo: Youtube.