New US Survey Finds Exactly One Person Who Has Never Heard Of Trump

A new survey from USA Today and Suffolk University has discovered the seemingly impossible: a white woman, who lives in the American Midwest and identifies as Republican, who claims to have never heard of US President Donald Trump.

Yes, really. From a survey of 1000 people situated across the country, pollsters managed to identify a single person between the ages of 35 and 49 who deadset stated she did not have any knowledge of the 45th President of the United States.

via Suffolk University

Notably, this woman may be the last of her kind, as the previous survey uncovered a whopping 23 individuals across the States who made the same claim. We can only assume those punters read a newspaper, checked their smartphone, or left the house at some point in the final quarter of 2017 while our outlying friend managed to avoid… well, all of that.

We are left with several potential explanations for how this individual avoided the mere mention of one of the planet’s most notable people. Perhaps she simply misunderstood the question and accidentally provided faulty information. Maybe she, like many other Trump adherents, maintains a distrust of pollsters and deliberately threw them for a loop.

Hell, maybe Barbara from Idaho was so incensed by Trump’s recent statements on gun control that she went full Mariah Carey and denied his entire existence.

If not… Well. Good for her, on perhaps being the least informed voter living in America.