Donald Trump Has No Fucking Idea Where Kansas City Is & I Don’t Blame Him

trump super bowl

The Kansas City Chiefs just won the Super Bowl, which is a pretty big deal in the world of sports. So big, in fact, that the President of the United States has already taken to Twitter to congratulate them for representing “the great state of Kansas.”

Only, Kanas City is in Missouri, which is definitely *not* Kansas.

In a now-deleted tweet, Trump expressed his pride in the team, and congratulated them for their excellent work in representing the “state of Kansas.”

trump superbowl

I’m no political expert, but I’m fairly certain as the President of the United States, it should be some sort of a requirement to at least know where the states actually are. Or, you know, a requirement of passing the fifth grade.

Granted, Australia has far fewer states to memorise, so it’s hard for us to judge. But you’d think the president would know all of them, or at least have the common sense to Google it before congratulating the winning Super Bowl team.

The tweet was quickly deleted, with Trump posting a near-identical tweet soon after with the correct state, which is definitely Missouri.

Honestly, if I were Donald Trump I would be using my presidential power to move Kansas City to the state of Kansas, effective immediately.

I’m the first person to drag Donald Trump for being an idiot, but the REAL idiot here is whoever put Kansas City in a state that’s not Kansas.

New York City isn’t in fucking California, is it? No. Because that’s stupid.

President Trump *shudders* should know where Kansas City is, but honestly, it should be in Kansas.

This is the first and only time I’m standing by Trump. Donny boy, you’ve got my non-existent vote to move Kansas City to Kansas. Start the petition, sign the papers. It’s 2020 and we need to take a stand against this IMPORTANT! POLITICAL! ISSUE!

It’s what we all deserve.