Here’s a fun thing that happens to you when you live in Brisbane: People love to tell you that it’s shit. Sydneysiders and Melbournites won’t even wait for the ‘ane’ after hearing ‘Brisb’ to launch into some sort of patronising diatribe about how much the beautiful city of Brisbane sucks. And that’s fine. They can say it sucks as much they like because a) it rules here and their opinion doesn’t matter and b) it’s a little bit true. The normal response to hearing someone trash-talk to your home city, obviously, is to completely ignore it. This is not the course taken by at least one Adelaidian (Adelaidite?), whose complaint(s) forced SBS presenter Lucy Zelić to apologise for calling the city a “shithole”.

Speaking on the The World Game podcast yesterday, Zelić told Central Coast Mariners recruit Ziggy Gordon that there wasn’t much to be enthusiastic about in the South Australia capital: “You won’t see much in Adelaide, Adelaide’s a shithole. No disrespect, no disrespect — I can say that because I’ve travelled there multiple times and I didn’t enjoy it. I found it to be incredibly dull and boring.”

Whether or not the claim had any truth to it, Zelić apparently felt compelled to withdraw the comment, taking to Twitter to apologise:

Hopefully the people hurt by these comments can console themselves by looking at a church or whatever it is people in Adelaide do.

Image: Getty Images / Ashley Feder