Her Royal Highness, Queen Lee Lin Chin Blesses Our Eyeballs One Last Time 

Our most revered and beloved Queen Lee Lin Chin has graced the SBS World News desk for the last time, this Sunday night.

Chin shattered hearts on Thursday when she announced her resignation (but not her retirement) from SBS after more than 30 years with the broadcaster. Throughout the years, the Jakarta-born journalist has delivered headline after headline with her signature dry humour. Not to mention her iconic looks from over the decades, most recently compiled into a fabulous montage by SBS.

And who can forget her Twitter, co-authored by comedian Chris Leben. Together, the two have brought us such beauties as her most recently pinned tweet:

In recent years Chin has been involved in a bunch of sketches for SBS Viceland’s The Feed then in 2016 she was nominated for the broadcaster’s first-ever Gold Logie. 

The human icon announced her resignation to Sandra Sully in an exclusive interview with TenDaily – an article that wrapped with the words, She won’t be lost to us for long. Watch this space!” 

Interesting, very interesting.

Tonight, in what her colleagues fittingly described as “Thor meets Gladiator”, and “Darth Vader-inspired”, Chin pulled off one hell of a look.

Not even that fireman can put out the fire raging in my heart.

Credit: SBS World News

In a “special message” before she went to air Chin told her fans:

“I’m not disappearing from the face of the earth, so if they see me I will have all the time in the world to engage with them … as long as they don’t ask for selfies.”

My Queen.

Just before tonight’s program ended sports presenter Craig Foster shared a few words about his co-host calling her one of the “greatest in the history of Australia’s broadcasting”. An individual who has become a “beacon of diversity”, who has “redefined what it means to be a presenter” in the way they look, talk and dress. Foster on behalf of the program and the country, said how proud we all are of our Lee Lin Chin.

For her goodbye, Chin thanked all her colleagues for their impact in her life professionally and personally and then she thanked her viewers:

“I’m saddest of all to leave you my audience, thank you for watching and good night.”

The iconic broadcaster then handed it over to Anton Enus who’ll be replacing Chin as World News presenter after successfully battling bowel cancer.

Enus introduced a beautiful and legendary tribute to the unforgettable Chin which of course included a message from that “handsome man”. 

And now, TIME TO SOB: