A Sydney Bus Blazed Up On The Harbour Bridge And Yep, Traffic Is Borked

Well, shit. A bus went and got itself lit on Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The tail end of the public bus caught on fire a bit earlier this afternoon, smack bang on one of Australia’s greatest landmarks / one of Sydney’s most important roads. 

Emergency crews extinguished the blaze some time after 5.30. Two people were treated for smoke inhalation after the fire at Milsons Point, while the remaining 12 on board fled unharmed.

Plumes of black smoke could be seen from the Harbour.
It’s not yet known what caused the fire.

Full-time party monsters and part-time traffic reporters Peking Duk were on scene, describing the sitch in typical fashion:

The incident also sparked some ungodly gridlock – even by Sydney’s standards. 
Motorists have been advised to avoid the Bridge due to its heavy traffic, but all lanes are now open again. 

Official advice for anyone looking to head in or out of the city is to hop on a ferry or a train.

If you are driving in the vicinity, take note of these live updates before you head out. Stay safe out there, yeah?