A Sydney Commuter Hopped Back On A Flaming Bus To Tap Off Their Fkn Opal

Anyone from Melbourne will tell you getting caught without “touching off” a Myki is a fate worse than death, but one commuter from Sydney really bloody meant it. 

Fairfax Media is reporting a passenger on the public bus which burst into flames on Sydney Harbour Bridge last September apparently rushed back onto the burning vehicle to touch off their Opal card. 

CCTV footage filmed on the vehicle captured the passenger’s equally daring and dubious decision, and forms a part of the Office of Transport Safety Investigation’s preliminary report on the dramatic incident.
The prevailing theory is that the passenger made the dash in order to avoid the maximum fare applicable under the Opal system, but a spokesperson for one passenger advocacy group (which apparently exist) said it may have been futile, as you can only touch off near a stop.

It’s believed this particular incident will be included into the final report on the matter, meaning the fact a passenger felt compelled to touch off will be given equal consideration to other, more readily-apparent safety concerns.

22 passengers were aboard the bus at the time of the incident, which may been the result of an electrical fault in the engine. Two passengers and the driver were hospitalised for smoke inhalation – and look, that one bus-rider may have still been slogged the max amount, too.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.
Photo: @themeeporkman / Instagram.