A Now-Single NT Bloke Is Trying To Swap An Engagement Ring For A Tinny

Not all relationships last.

In this crazy world the search for love is an endless, constantly-evolving quest. And though love can appear in the strangest of places, so too can it fade and wither.
Mourning a lost relationship is a healthy, and essential part, of moving on. But while being sad for what you lost is important, it’s even more so to recognise what you got out of it; a year or two with someone great, a renewed sense of personal confidence, the motivation for self-improvement and self-love…
…or, y’know, a boat.
A bloke from Darwin is picking up the pieces of a failed relationship and is attempting to spin it into a floating reminder of what once was.
Ryan Sperrer is taking the engagement ring he’d had returned to him after a lengthy relationship bit the dust and is attempting to swap it for a “small crabbing boat or a tinny.”
Sperrer, the intrepid young lad, appeared on the ABC’s laconic recurring radio segment ‘Tales From The Tinny‘ to explain his proposal (and his relationship), which he put up on the Darwin NT Buy, Sell, Swap, & Wanted Facebook page last week, much to the amusement of group members.

“We got engaged about five years ago but things went a bit sour and pear-shaped and we’ve broken up since.”

“I just had this engagement ring sitting in my parents’ safe, so I thought what use is that to me when I want a toy?”

“I’ve got to pay the house off and I can’t afford a toy, so why not make some use out of it?”

Sperrer explained that the slightly tongue-in-cheek but still very serious post had attracted a few nibbles, but no serious offers of a trade yet, so he took his plea to the greater airwaves of ABC Radio.

“I just wanted to have a shout-out to see if any guys out there had a small crabbing boat or a tinny, something between about $5,000 and $10,000. And if they want to be silly enough to get engaged then to give me a holler.”

They say that hope floats but this is taking that particular metaphor extremely literally. But fair play to him, it’s better than keeping an old ring sitting around doing nothing. 

Ah well. There’s plenty more fish in the sea, we guess.

Source: ABC News.
Photo: Ryan Sperrer/ABC News.