Paris Hilton Lost Her $2M Diamond Engagement Ring In A Miami Nightclub

In a truly iconic Paris Hilton moment, the heiress has caused a scene in a Miami nightclub by losing her $2 million diamond engagement ring in the VIP area, then making the security team track it down for her.

Reportedly, Hilton was dancing with friends at the RC Cola Plant nightclub on Friday when the ring came loose and slipped off her finger, flying to an unknown part of the club and leaving her in a state of hysterics.

Her fiance Chris Zylka, who proposed to her with the 20-karat ring over new year, helped security guards search for it, as Hilton looked on in tears, before the expensive rock was eventually found in an ice bucket.  An eyewitness told Page Six:

“Paris was dancing with her hands in the air, and the next minute her giant ring had flown off. She was really panicked as the venue was packed and very dark, it was the early hours of the morning and it was crazy in there.”

“Security started an exhaustive search of the VIP area with torches, led by Chris and with the help of other patrons. There was a frantic scramble with everyone looking for it, people were crawling on the floor, under tables, under other people’s feet, and under seats. Miraculously they found the ring in an ice bucket two tables down.”

“It was amazing that they managed to even see that huge diamond in an ice bucket. Paris cried with relief when it was safely back on her finger.”

The ring was specially commissioned by Zylka, after Paris Hilton told him how much she loved her mother Kathy’s pear-shaped diamond. She gushed about it after the engagement, saying:

“The ring was so gorgeous and sparkling. I was shaking as I put it on. It is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen!”

In other news, Paris Hilton is still fabulously rich, and you are still poor.