Paris Hilton Dressed Up As Kim K for Yeezy Season 6 & Dude, It’s A Trip

Kim Kardashian-West and Paris Hilton have just pulled a move that’s broken the internet, proved once and for all that the feud is them, and shown that Paris actually looks eerily similar to Kim if she chucks a wig on and pretends to look busy.

Kim K shared a number of photos on her Twitter and Instagram of the new YEEZY Season 6 campaign, praising Paris as the “OG” and showcasing new pieces from the collection.

The pair has a fairly storied past. They were originally the best of friends, with Kim even being Paris’ assistant and appearing on her show The Simple Life back when Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s was just a twinkle in some studio executive’s eye.

They both grew apart as Kim’s fame began to skyrocket, leaving the two exchanging pot-shots in the media. Paris once iconically referred to Kim’s booty as cottage cheese stuffed in a trash bag. LOL.

Now that all seems to be behind them, with the campaign shots the latest sign that they’ve moved on from their competitive days and can no peacefully co-exist as two super rich and famous people who don’t really do too much.