The world, I think we can all agree, has a tendency to be Very Bad. It can feel as though we are hurtling unabated down the barrel of the darkest timeline, and sometimes, no matter how hard you try, despair starts seeping in at the edges of things.

Fortunately, there are dogs.

Even fortunately-er, there is this particular dog: a rescued stray who’s now up for adoption, who has stolen my heart and the hearts of pretty much everyone who comes across him.

Meet Lillian.

According to the adorably-named One More Dog Rescue, the Connecticut-based dog shelter who took him in, Lillian was found wandering, emaciated, as a stray, and was terrified of humans – clearly indicating he hadn’t had great experiences with people in the past.

All that is bound to change now, though, as our funny-faced pal has gone viral as heck – and who can blame him! The guy is adorable, and the biography One More Dog Rescue has given him is solid fucken gold.

Some highlights:

Origin: Yes, HIS name is Lillian. There was a miscommunication about his gender at the shelter and it stuck and he likes it and hey, we don’t subscribe to gender norms in this rescue.

Breed: Pug/Chihuahua on stilts.

Best Physical Features: His ears! They are so soft and they fly behind him and turn “inside out” when he races around the yard.

Working on: Stranger danger and basic manners.

Aren’t we all, Lillian. Aren’t we all.

Basically this little guy, who weighs five whole kilograms and looks like he’s been mushed face-first into a wall and then stretched by the paws, is me. He is you. He is all of us. Never has there been a more relatable dog than the boy named Lillian.

He’s the essence of 2019: a bit bung-looking, spooked from some recent bad experiences, but willing to make the best of it given the chance. God speed, Lillian. We love – and are – you.