Two things that make me emotional – dogs and Jimmy Barnes‘ iconic hit (well, Cold Chisel but semantics) ‘Flame Trees’. Today the two come together, as I play the moving tune while writing about Jimmy’s precious dog Oliver, who has sadly passed.

My friend Hannah, who apparently stalks Jimmy online, alerted me to the fact that the Aussie rocker is the best dog dad in the country, probably in the world. Here’s Jimmy looking after his buddy Oliver, a schnauzer, while he was ill last week.

“He’s watched over me many a night” ok that’s where I started crying. Look at the little guy having himself a rest while Jimmy MOVES HIMSELF INTO THE LOUNGE ROOM to monitor his best friend. Christ, the feels.

This story has a horrible ending, because life sucks. It really fucking sucks, because Jimmy’s best pal went to the Good Dogs Home In The Sky yesterday.

“Fly away boys, Dad loves you” oh godddddddddd it’s too much. I’m crying again. I’m not fucking with you I have actually cried real tears over this story. There is nothing – NOTHING – purer than dogs, and Jimmy clearly had a special bond with his two pups. I remember the heartache well from when my special girl Milo died years ago.

As you’d gather above, Jimmy lost his other dog SnoopDog just under a year ago, so it’s been a rough time for the Barnes family.

Lets look back on Jimmy’s time with Oliver & SnoopDog, shall we? Our furry babies may pass but their memories will never be forgotten.

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In the garden relaxing with Oliver. Have a good weekend

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Bye Oliver & SnoopDog, hope you’re doing OK Jimmy & fam.

Image: Twitter / @JimmyBarnes