1st Person Formally Charged In Kim K Robbery As Suspects Begin To Confess

One of five men believed to have taken part in the robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris has been charged, according to prosecutors, as those arrested begin to come clean about their involvement in the heist.

A man known as Yunice A, aged 63, has been charged with robbing Kardashian at gunpoint and leaving her bound and gagged in a bathroom in her luxury residence, the prosecutor said. Earlier, before the first official charge, a source close to the investigation said that the suspects were “beginning to admit their involvement” in the crime.
As we reported yesterday, police believe it is unlikely the $4M ring stolen during the robbery will ever be recovered, as they turn their investigation to the Antwerp diamond black market.
The suspects were nabbed because one of the thieves dropped a diamond pendant worth around $40,000 on the street outside. The DNA match on said pendant led French cops to the entire group.
Michael Madar, the 40-year-old limousine company chief who drove Kardashian to the apartment on the night of the robbery, has been released without charge. His brother Gary, 27, is still in custody and is suspected of leaking details to the thieves. He works for his brother’s limousine company.
The five principal suspects most directly involved are all career criminals aged 54 to 74. This is real Oceans Eleven shit, in other words. No way ’round it.
All those in custody can be held until Friday morning, French time. At that point, they’ve either gotta be charged or released. Time’s running out.
Source: Daily Mail.
Photo: Getty Images / Scott Barbour.