You Need To Meet The Pedestrian 25, Australia’s Most Impressive Bachelorettes

Like it or not, for some damn reason there still is a bit of a ~weird vibe~ surrounding being single as a female. The whole ‘spinster’ thing has carried on and, though much diluted through time, still has the power to make some people squirm at the thought of being one of #AllTheSingleLadies.

Meanwhile, fuck that whole mess.

We started the PEDESTRIAN.TV Bachelorette of the Year after seeing the CLEO Bachelor of the Year go apeshit every year since 1993 and thinking ‘hey, wouldn’t it be a raging delight to celebrate ladies in a similar(ish) way?.’ The thing though, there is definitely a certain way to do it and a certain way not to do it. As always we strive to keep t-shirts dry and the appreciation genuine. 

Today we are proud to unveil ‘The Pedestrian 25’ for our PEDESTRIAN.TV Bachelorette of the Year 2014 presented by MINI Australia featuring some of Australia’s brightest, most respected and impressive female humans.

They include but are in no way limited to: World Tour surfer / cloud enthusiast Laura Enever, actress Isabelle Cornish, Melbourne based artist / staff contributor to Minna Gilligan, Home & Away regular Philippa Northeast, wielder of words Alyx Gorman, fashion designer Emma Mulholland, incredibly talented singer / songwriter Courtney Barnett, actress in Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake / musician Georgi Kay, typographer Gemma O’Brien and QLD raised actress, Annabelle Stephenson, who you may recognise from the US hit series Revenge.

Head HERE to see all 25 profiles and read through their answers to questions spanning addictions, fictional heroines and social reforms to believe in.

If you’re in agreement that we need less of the self-deprecating ‘aaaaand that’s why I’m single’ schtick and more of the ‘this is why I’m the tits‘ bits you can nominate a friend or yourself to become our Reader’s Choice Bachelorette of the Year HERE. Entries close this Friday, 6th of June, and all voting closes on Monday the 30th of June. 

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