One-Time ‘Bachelor’ Frontrunner Elly Miles Is Hotly Tipped To Be Next Year’s Bachelorette


With Bachelor and Bachelorette both done and dusted for 2019, our attention obviously now turns to 2020’s seasons and who might front each version of the franchise. With Australia gagging for Ciarran Stott to take up the Bachelor mantle, there hasn’t been as much noise about Bachelorette — especially because Angie Kent was so bloody good. They’re big shoes to fill, tbh.

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Thankfully, the folks at Sportsbet have crunched the numbers or whatever they do over there — I don’t know, I’m not a bookie! — and they are tipping Elly Miles to be the next Bachelorette.

Elly on one of her 5,734 single dates with Matt

She’s currently the favourite with odds of $3, and it makes sense: she was the frontrunner for a good chunk of Matt Agnew‘s season, and if it wasn’t for her weird Abbie-related brain fart she might have taken the whole thing out. I was frankly shocked by the way things panned out for her, but maybe that was just the editors toying with us. WHO KNOWS.

Close behind Elly is Abbie Chatfield with odds of $4.50, but as the Daily Mail points out she might have ruined her chances by appearing on Bachelor In Paradise. Pretty sure Ciarran was on Bachie in Paradise too and he’s still tipped to be the Bachelor, so perhaps it doesn’t matter? Abbie would be super entertaining as the Bachelorette, but rumour has it she only lasted 2 days in Paradise. Yikes.

The tipsters have also thrown newly-single Bachelor winner Chelsie McLeod into the mix, with odds of $5.50.

Time will obviously tell — according to my back-tracking, this year Channel Ten announced the Bachelor star on March 7 and the Bachelorette star on March 29, so we’ve only got about 3 months to wait.