There’s A Spicy Rumour Going That Abbie Lasted Just 2 Days On ‘Bachie In Paradise’

Look, at this stage all we have in the reality TV world are couples breaking up (see: Cartier and Matt from Love Island, RIP) and fairly dubious rumours from the Bachelor In Paradise set. My fave show has been filming this last month, and I am scouring for tea – the latest being about controversial Bachie contestant Abbie Chatfield.

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So Abbie has been a strong bet to appear on Bachelor In Paradise, after she was spotted heading to Fiji and then also at the airport seemingly on return. So it’s basically a given she was there… but for how long?

A ~source~ is now saying just two fucking days, which is awkward.

‘She lasted like two days. As soon as Abbie stepped foot in the resort, everyone started having issues with her,’ the source told The Daily Mail.

It gets spicier – apparently shit went south for Abbie at a rose ceremony, where Jamie Doran – yeah, stage-5-clinger Jamie from Angie Kent‘s Bachelorette season this year – had the deciding vote between her and someone left unnamed.

Jamie had no hesitation choosing Abbie to be sent home after seeing how much drama she brought to the group,’ the source said of his decision. OUCH.

This all went down within 48 hours if the source is to be believed, which is a Bachelor In Paradise record on par with Vanessa Sunshine. I’m actually surprised – usually the “villains” from previous seasons end up being less villainy on BIP – even Cat, the supposed villain from Honey Badger‘s season, was far less polarising in Paradise last year. I was hoping for Abbie to get the same about-turn!

Anyway, we won’t reeeeally know what went down until the series airs, which isn’t for fucking forever – the date hasn’t been set as yet, but it’s usually late summer Oz-time. UGH. That is far too long to wait IMO.