Ciarran Stott Is Officially Moving To Syd & If He’s Not The Next Bachie Then We Fkn Riot


Without a doubt, Ciarran Stott‘s exit from The Bachelorette earlier this year was easily one of the most heart-wrenching of the franchise yet. And it’s because Ciarran is a) a genuinely fabulous man who won over the hearts and minds of viewers and b) he and bachelorette Angie Kent – who ended up picking Carlin Sterritt – had such a genuine connection. C’est la vie, as they say. But it appears Ciarran is making da moves, because he’s leaving Darwin for Sydney – otherwise known as bachelor land.

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Earlier this year, after Ciarran made his decision to leave The Bachelor, he told PEDESTRIAN.TV that he was absolutely keen to be the next bachie.

“Yeah definitely, I would take that opportunity,” he said. “That’s been the question of the day, really.”

At the time, Ciarran said he hadn’t been approached by Bachie producers yet, but he’d “definitely go for it”. And why wouldn’t he? He’s a great, charming, sensitive bloke and we (I) need more of him on TV.

“Looks like a fresh new chapter is starting very soon for myself and I can’t wait,” he captioned a beach pic of himself on Instagram. “Sydney you are on my horizon. New chapter means new beginnings and I’m so excited!”

UM, HELLO: “New chapter means new beginnings” is 10/10 something The Bachelor would say.

That eye emoji, though.

Okay, a list of possibilities:

  • The Bachelor 
  • The Bachelor
  • The Bachelor

Did I miss anything? I don’t think so. At the least, surely he’s on The Bachelor in Paradise. SURELY.

My dramatic self aside, best of luck to the legend and whatever he decides to do in Sydney.