You Can Buy Tickets To Yeezy’s ‘Waves’ Premiere In Syd/Melb NOW

Since Kanye West has put us through name-changesunreadable track listings, and Kylie Jenner being in the studio (KIM NEVER LEFT), we thought we we’re never gonna get our hands on Swish. (And it turns out, we won’t.)
Cue ~NAME CHANGE~ to Waves:

And prepare yoself: you can buy tickets to the premiere of ‘Waves’ at Hoyts Cinemas literally as we speak. 
The website describes your next Yeezy fix as: 

“World Premiere of the album WAVES in its entirety. Live from Madison Square Garden. Performance by Vanessa Beecroft. This program is not rated and may not be suitable for children under 18. Parental discretion is advised.”

Fuck yeah, parental discretion is advised. 

Kanye West’s ‘Waves’ Premiere is on at selected cinemas, on Feb 12th 2016, 8am. 

Photo: Hoyts.