Kanye Blames The Latest ‘Pablo’ Album Delay On Chance The Rapper

Kanye’s simultaneously brief and never-ending release campaign for The Life Of Pablo – title subject to change – has hit yet another delay, thanks to Chance The Rapper.
Though we were promised that the album would be out no later than yesterday, overnight, Yeezy let the world know that Chance is holding things up, by insisting that the track ‘Waves’ be on the final product.

Chance is one of those rappers that cause delays; he’s a delay rapper.
‘Waves’ appeared on TLOP several announcements ago – who even remembers at this point? – before being cut, although Chance recently Tweeted a new new version of the track list, suggesting it’s been reinstated. 

So there you have it. Kanye will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, airing shortly in the U.S. The Life Of Pablo may or may not be out in this lifetime. 

Source: NY Times.

Photo: Getty / NBC.