WATCH: Horrorshow & Aunty Donna Teamed Up To Make A Very Messy Music Video

What has three beards, one shaved head and two pairs of shoes? Why, it’s the Australian sketch comedy group and all round collection of handsome boys, Aunty Donna. The trio have done very well for themselves in the country by shunting around their brand of absurdism mixed with Australiana mixed with highly choreographed dance routines, so much so that they’re now doing music videos apparently.
The boys have teamed up with Sydney hip hop duo Horrorshow to make, well, a mess. Mark, Broden and Zach star as three chefs (?) who, having previously apparently only made very small cakes, attempt to make the brave leap into big cake territory. Stirring stuff, indeed.
The video for ‘Eat the cake‘ features all the things you would expect from an Aunty Donna video (large bars of gold, extreme violence, terrible French accents, flailing hand gestures), some things you wouldn’t (a cake made of money), and also a pretty chill song with some beats in the verse almost reminiscent of MF DOOM.
Check it out below at your own leisure or, alternatively, right now. Please pay special attention to Mark’s amazingly curled moustache.
Photo: YouTube.