Behold Aunty Donna’s ‘Fuccboi Anthem,’ A Tune For The Douchebag In Your Life

Recording and releasing an entire album and drip-feeding it out by dropping a new, fully-fledged music video each and every week is normally the exclusive domain of utter madmen. But that’s just the way Aunty Donna rolls, babey!!

And those of you who have been wandering around the past couple of weeks humming Chuffed or Professor Whiskers to yourselves, strap the hell in. This newie is a real ear-worm.

The good boys at Aunty Donna have very graciously allowed us here at PEDESTRIAN.TV to premiere this week’s incredibly good and funny track Fuccboi Anthem which ahh… look, it does what it says on the tin.

Parroting problematic pop punk hits of yore a little *too* close to the bone for comfort, the new banger starts out innocently enough and quickly devolves into rank chaos. Just like all good Aunty Donna sketches do.

And just in case anyone asks, the group – particularly Mark Bonnano – has assured us that they definitely do know what a Fuccboi is, so there is no need for any follow-up questions.

Please to enjoy!

We have also been strongly encouraged by the group to publish this statement on today’s exclusive premiere here on PEDESTRIAN.TV.

Aunty Donna Pty Ltd are so excited to have our music video ‘Fuccboi Anthem’ premiering on Pedestrian TV. When our video wasn’t premiering on Pedestrian TV we weren’t excited at all. In fact we hated the video and would often pelt it with rocks and tease it in the playground. We’d yell things like “Fuccboi Anthem more like Fuck bore Anthem”, “Fuccboi Anthem more like ‘The Anthem’ by Good Charlotte,” or “Fuccboi Anthem go away we don’t want to play with you.”

But now that Fuccboi Anthem is premiering on Pedestrian TV we are very excited. We’d also like to take this opportunity to announce we will stop actively bullying our music video for once month as of today.

Aunty Donna – The Album is being released at the conclusion of this on-going web series, which will be followed by a string of national tour dates taking in the Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth comedy festivals, as well as a string of dates in Brisbane.

All pre-order and tour info can be grabbed via the group’s official website.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be off quietly humming that chorus for the next twelve years.