Bless the good boys in Aunty Donna.

With a Comedy Festival show on the way, Australia’s favourite sketch comedy lunatics are casually dropping an entire album, with full videos for each track, every Friday morning.

If the sheer amount of work all that requires doesn’t make you go cross-eyed, you’ll be bloody well served to cop a face full of their latest effort, Best Day Of My Life.

High School might’ve been a complete mess at the best of times, but – like most of life – it was the little things that made it tolerable. Like getting to sit on the good bench because the Year 11s are in class. Or getting to make scones in Home Ec. Or finding a big stick and whacking someone with it. Or making a new relief teacher cry in record time.

You know, standard high school things.

The tune? Mates, the tune absolutely slaps. And there’s also a cheeky little Demi Lardner in there for good measure.

Fair suck of it, that’s dangerously close to actual High School action as you’re ever likely to see captured in a comedy sketch.

Chuck a little no hat/no play in there and we’ll really be in business, I tell you.