WATCH: DJ Khaled’s Famously Chill Kid Chucked A Tanty At Justin Bieber

Before we progress, we need to ruminate on the majesty that is Asahd Khaled. The blessed child’s arrival was heralded on father DJ Khaled’s Snapchat like it was straight out of The Lion King. He wears the same threads as fully-grown rap luminaries. He’s also listed as executive producer on his pa’s huge new record.
Oh, he’s also incredibly placid for a child under the age of one. Like, weirdly chill for any child, let alone bona fide hip hop royalty. An eternity of Snapchat footage has proven the bub is difficult to put on tilt… Which makes leaked footage of his meeting with the man they called Justin Bieber pretty bloody notable. 

TMZ reports that when Bieber met up with Khaled to film the clip for I’m The One, the kid couldn’t handle it. The video shows pa cradling the young gun, only for him to recoil at the site of the bleach-blonde uber-star. 

For his part, Bieber did what he thought he could to calm the tyke. Still, mark this one down: Bieber’s presence is apparently one of the only things that can set Asahd off.

Source and photo: TMZ.